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Connecticut students ‘Take a Stand’ against drunk driving

On Behalf of | May 9, 2012 | Drunk Driving Accidents, Firm News

In an effort to hold drunk drivers accountable and prevent further loss, Connecticut has cracked down on drunk driving recently. As previous posts have mentioned, increased ticketing and harsher DWI consequences are just some efforts lawmakers have made to reduce serious injuries caused by a drunk driver. Lawmakers, however, are not the only group working to reduce drunk driving accidents; Connecticut schools are also in on the fight.

Seymour and Oxford High School students recently participated in “Take a Stand,” an initiative to alert teens to the harsh consequences of drinking and driving. The event intentionally occurs just before junior prom.

The director of the program has gathered police, fire fighters and emergency services to cooperate in the messaging. The program works to educate and provide kids with the information they need to make good decisions when getting behind the wheel.

“Take a Stand” is a daylong event. It emphasizes the benefits of focused driving, the consequences of distracted driving and the dangers of drinking and driving. Events included testing go-karts and simulating being trapped in a vehicle. Other organizations were also present to hand out informational pieces, including Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the Valley Substance Abuse Action Council.

To top it all off, students watched a colossal mock car crash where more than 100 local emergency personal participated in the scene. Some students also participated by playing accident victims. Props included fake blood and prosthetic wounds. Emergency vehicles staged to arrive at the scene exploded in with sirens blaring.

Yet, even with an increase in awareness, some people still choose to get behind the wheel of a car after drinking. When an individual becomes victim to a drunk driver, that victim has a right to hold the drunk driver accountable through seeking compensation.

Source: New Haven Register, “Staged crash leaves lesson for prom night in Seymour,” April 28, 2012.


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