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How can fall weather conditions in Connecticut impact drivers?

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2023 | Car Accidents

Connecticut has a relatively impressive autumn season when compared with many other states. The temperate climate and proliferation of deciduous trees across the state both help to ensure a colorful display most years.

The changing seasons bring not just colorful falling leaves but also lower light levels and colder overall temperatures. Those changes don’t just mean sweaters, hot beverages and the approach of the winter holidays. They are also a warning sign of potential seasonal road hazards that Connecticut motorists need to be aware of if they want to avoid certain kinds of preventable crashes.

Wet pavement and falling leaves

Drivers in the autumn may need to maintain lower overall speeds because of the safety and traction issues caused by colder, wet weather. Wet pavement in general tends to increase someone’s stopping distance and the likelihood that they might cause a wreck. Fallen leaves on the road exacerbate such issues by both creating a loose layer of debris that could affect traction and also hiding other dangers in the road, such as potholes or sharp objects.

Changing light levels

The sun sets earlier and earlier throughout the fall, which can have several different safety consequences on the road. Changing light levels tend to affect people’s biometric rhythms, meaning that they might find themselves feeling more fatigued in later afternoon. Additionally, low light levels also correlate with increased visibility issues, possibly during the afternoon drive home from work. Finally, the seasonal change can prompt more animal activity. Deer and other animals are more likely to end up on the road during transitional times of day and could potentially cause a preventable collision.

The average motorist likely won’t do much to adjust their driving behaviors in the autumn even if they are aware that the winter requires a change in habits. People may also encounter tourists who drive particularly poorly while staring at the trees around the state. Therefore, even those Connecticut drivers who are aware of the risks may need to pay very close attention on the road to protect themselves and others from the possibility of a crash.


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