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Do drivers who don’t use turn signals cause more accidents?

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2023 | Car Accidents

Many drivers habitually make choices that put them at risk of causing a crash. For example, it is very common for people to exceed the speed limit, especially if they find themselves running late for work or an appointment. Drivers sometimes roll through red lights or four-way stops without actually bringing their vehicles to a full stop.

They may also fail to use their turn signals. Connecticut law requires that those turning or merging into another lane of traffic use the illuminated signals on their vehicle to clearly communicate their intentions to others in traffic. Despite the law, many people consistently fail to use their turn signals. Do these drivers cause more crashes than those who typically use turn signals?

Yes, failing to communicate increases crash risk

One of the reasons that turn signals are a mandatory feature in all vehicles and that state law requires their use is that motorists need to know what others near them intend to do if they are to make safety-conscious choices. One of the leading causes of collisions at major intersections is a failure to properly monitor one’s surroundings.

Left-hand turns often contribute to crashes, particularly when others nearby don’t realize someone intends to turn. Turning either way without a signal could also potentially result in a rear-end collision, as others in traffic may get too close to someone who needs to slow down in order to turn. Often, police officers responding to a collision will inquire about the use of turn signals and someone’s adherence to other traffic laws when attempting to establish fault.

Those who believe that someone’s failure to indicate a turn directly contributed to a collision should disclose that information to police officers after a crash so that the officers can reach the appropriate determination when investigating the cause of the wreck. Evidence ranging from witness statements to traffic camera footage could potentially help a Connecticut driver prove that someone else failed to use a turn signal and cause to crash through their failure to adhere to state statutes.

Understanding the traffic laws in Connecticut and following them can reduce someone’s chance of a crash and/or the likelihood that an officer will declare them at fault for a collision.


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