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3 common reasons truck accidents occur in Connecticut

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2022 | Truck Accidents

Consumers rely on large trucks to get supplies around the country in as short of time as possible. The demand for speedy delivery often means drivers and trucking company owners cut corners to keep customers happy.

Truck collisions can occur when safety and maintenance fall to the wayside in favor of meeting unreasonable time constraints. Knowing the top causes of truck accidents may give pause to both drivers and owners before rushing to meet the next deadline.


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration says speeding contributed to the most truck accidents in 2020. Speed limits aim to reduce speeding vehicles, but trucks need more time to stop, and increased speed adds to that distance. High speeds can cause trucks to collide with other cars or hazards on the road.

Driver exhaustion

Another contributing factor in accidents is driver fatigue. Truck drivers are often behind the wheel for over eight hours non-stop. They may sleep in their cab at odd hours to adhere to the legally required rest times. This cycle can lead to poor sleep, resulting in exhaustion. Tired drivers have slower reaction times leading to collisions.

Poor vehicle maintenance

Not only do drivers need to be healthy, but their trucks need care too. Keeping trucks in good working order ensures that blown tires and overworked engines do not contribute to accidents. However, setting time aside for maintenance procedures takes drivers off the road. Since many drivers bear the expense of maintenance, it is not always the drivers’ top priority.

Several factors contribute to truck accidents. Since nearly all are avoidable, drivers and trucking company owners should prioritize safety over customer demand.


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