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What are the most common reasons car accidents occur in Connecticut?

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2022 | Car Accidents

Car crashes are just a part of daily life for those who drive, especially those who commute long distances to work.  Although you may carefully maintain your vehicle and follow all the Connecticut traffic laws, all you have to do is cross paths with someone posting a video to social media to wind up in a wreck.

The potential of a crash caused by another driver is one of the trade-offs for the convenience of on-demand transportation. You accept the risk that comes with driving, but that doesn’t mean you want to get into a crash. The more proactive you are about avoiding risk factors, the lower your chances of a serious wreck.

When you understand what causes most collisions around Connecticut, it will be easier for you to take steps that reduce your personal chances of causing a crash. What are the three most common issues that lead to motor vehicle collisions?

Chemical intoxication

It is illegal to drive after consuming alcohol or while under the influence of prohibited drugs. Even prescription medication and over-the-counter cold treatments could affect someone’s driving skills and lead to criminal charges or a motor vehicle collision. Roughly 7,500 drivers involved in Connecticut crashes in the last three years have been under the influence at the time of a crash.

Distraction at the wheel

The ubiquity of mobile phones means that there will almost always be someone by you in traffic looking down at a text message or email. Distracted driving is commonplace, and therefore it is one of the top causes of collisions as well. Distraction was a factor in almost 27% of all crashes in the last three years.  Some of that distraction comes down from technological devices but from other drivers other people in the vehicle or even daydreams.


Speeding is a serious safety issue on the road. A significant portion of the collisions that occur each year in Connecticut involve someone traveling at speeds well over the posted limit for the roadway.

Other common crash causes include following other vehicles too closely and inadequate surveillance before turning or merging.  Learning about the most common causes of collisions in Connecticut can help drivers successfully avoid those risk factors at the wheel.


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