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6 common causes of burn injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2022 | Personal Injury

Whether it is a motor vehicle collision, a construction accident or working around dangerous materials, individuals face numerous types of burn injuries depending on certain circumstances. While people often think only of fire or chemical damage, there are several different causes of devastating burn injuries.

Burn injuries can cause damage to the skin, muscle, underlying tissue, bones and internal organs. Severe damage could require skin grafts or amputation if the treatment does not correct the damage. Unfortunately, severe burn injuries can lead to fatality.

Medical professionals commonly recognize numerous different causes of burn injuries, including:

  • Friction burns: When the hard surface of another object rubs against the skin either repetitively or at great speed, doctors refer to this as a friction burn. Road rash, a common consequence of motorcycle crashes, is an example of a severe friction burn.
  • Cold burns: This can happen when workers are outside, exposed to cold temperatures. Additionally, individuals who come in repeated or prolonged contact with frozen objects can suffer frostbite, a common type of cold burn that can severely damage the skin.
  • Thermal burns: As opposed to cold burns, thermal burns occur when an individual touches a hot object. Parts of a car that are heated due to a post-collision fire, for example, or steam released from a malfunctioning power tool can damage the skin and lead to severe thermal burns.
  • Radiation burns: While it might seem rare, the danger of radiation exposure exists all around. From improperly shielded machinery to sun exposure, radiation burns can have serious consequences.
  • Chemical burns: Whether it is leaking fluid after a vehicle collision or strong solvents used to clean a department store, individuals facing chemical exposure can experience burn damage to the skin, lungs and internal organs.
  • Electrical burns: From a malfunctioning power tool to faulty electrical work in a house, individuals can suffer shock damage or even electrocution due to electrical currents.

No matter the type of personal injury accident, it is critical that people seek a thorough medical examination. Some symptoms might not be readily apparent and could cause damage to underlying tissue before treatment begins. Even after a seemingly minor accident, it is wise to take the time to get a careful diagnosis.


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