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5 key winter driving tips bring safe travels

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2021 | Car Accidents

Not surprisingly, many crashes that occur on Connecticut roads during the winter are preventable. A number of wintertime accidents happen simply due to someone driving too fast for conditions.

With winter’s arrival, once again, come the concerns about safe driving, avoiding collisions and staying out of harm’s way from negligent and reckless drivers. Snow, ice, sleet and low visibility make for a litany of challenges for any driver.

Slow down, maintain a safe distance

Here are some key tips to abide by when driving in the winter:

  • Slow down: Road conditions dictate this. Stay cautious and give yourself enough time to reach your desired destination. Slippery roads and fast driving do not mix.
  • Keep a safe distance: You always abide by this rule during other seasons, but especially do so in winter. Following too closely on snowy roads may lead you to hitting the brakes and crashing into the rear of the vehicle in front of you.
  • Slowly accelerate, slowly decelerate: Slowly applying gas helps drivers regain traction and minimize any skidding. Avoid getting a hurried start and slow down for traffic lights. Understand that icy roads mean it takes a longer time to slow down.
  • Understand your car’s brake system: Never slam on the brakes. This will lead to skidding and sliding, proving difficult to adjust. If the car has standard brakes, drivers should pump them on slick roads. With anti-lock brakes, press and hold.
  • Steer with care: Avoid jerking the steering wheel and making sudden turns.

Also, be prepared. Service your car in preparation of winter. Have window scrapers and brushes in your car to get rid of ice and snow. Check that there is enough windshield washer fluid in your car. And consider keeping a shovel in case you get stuck. But also monitor the local weather report.

Cautiousness and safe travels

Always remember that poor weather conditions do not excuse negligence. Be a safe and cautious driver, especially during the winter. That way, you can expect safe travels wherever you go.


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