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Why you should see a doctor even if your injury doesn’t feel severe

by | Jun 22, 2021 | Uncategorized

Going to the hospital is tedious, so we only tend to go when our injuries are evident. However, some injuries may seem insignificant at first and then progress into something worse. Seeking medical attention after an accident is crucial not only for your health but also for your right to get compensation.

Underestimating an injury

You don’t have to be wailing in pain for an injury to be serious. Think about a cut. You may think it will heal on its own in time, but if you cut yourself with something dirty, you might develop an infection that can travel to other parts of your body.

Blows to the head are also deceiving. Sometimes people hit their head and take it as normal if they have a headache or nausea afterward. It is not. A bump on the head could lead to a concussion or other brain injury, of which symptoms may not show for hours or days after the accident.

Always go to the doctor if you get hurt. Delayed treatment for injuries might lead to longer recovery periods, re-injury problems and aggravation of pain.

Insurance coverage

If you have an injury and take too long to get a doctor’s examination, the insurance company might deny your claims for coverage of your medical expenses. You must inform the insurance company of the accident as soon as possible so that they can start an investigation on your claim. Otherwise, they will think that you got injured in another way and deny your claim.

The importance of evidence

In any injury that involves a third party, collect evidence. Take pictures of the accident, write down everything that happened and get the witnesses’ contacts to use them as proof in case you want to file a legal claim against someone.


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