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Connecticut pedestrians: high risk potential and exposed vulnerability

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2021 | pedestrian accidents

Size and protective armor matter.

Is it any wonder that drivers and other occupants in passenger vehicles almost always fare worse than truck drivers do in accidents involving a car and a commercial truck?

Or that the same holds similarly true for motorcyclists colliding with four-wheel vehicles? Or for bicyclists injured in crashes with virtually any other conveyance?

It’s just a truism of the road that increased protection for drivers and passengers increases in proportion with the amount of steel and other material that surrounds them.

Which brings this blog to its spotlighted focus on Connecticut pedestrians.

How do they fare in accidents?

The answer to that query is patently obvious, isn’t it? Walkers have an instant and outsized vulnerability like no other demographic facing traffic-linked risks. Statistics culled and analyzed annually by safety groups tell a recurrently sad tale that underscores almost automatically dire consequences for pedestrians struck by any type of vehicle.

Highlighting the many risks that routinely challenge pedestrians

An online article from the Connecticut Post underscores just how serious and varied the risks can be for a walker in the state any time he or she heads out the door.

Consider this: There was a 20% spike in pedestrian deaths within a recent one-year span. Moreover, more than a dozen walkers lost their lives in vehicle collisions just within the first two months of last year.

The catalysts that spur vehicle-walker accidents and yield devastating and fatal outcome for pedestrians are many. They centrally include these causes:

  • Drivers with a sense of entitlement and a vehicle-first mindset concerning behind-the-wheel conduct
  • Aggressive and impatient motorists
  • Dangerous driving behaviors like speeding, tailgating and excessive lane weaving
  • Drunk and/or drug-impaired drivers
  • Distracted motorists (e.g., texting, grooming, eating, playing with pets and more)

The above CT Post piece underscores the legitimate fears harbored by pedestrians.

“If I hit your car, it gets a dent,” notes one of them. “If you hit me, I’m very lucky to not be in a casket.”

Another terms a pedestrian’s first step into a crosswalk as the “killing zone.”

Injured Connecticut pedestrians have strong legal rights

You are not powerless in the wake of an injury you suffered as a pedestrian that was caused by third-party negligence. A proven personal injury legal team can help you assert your rights and pursue a remedy marked by maximum compensation. A financial recovery can be broadly applied toward medical costs, lost wages, future rehabilitation needs and more.


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