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Walking in the snow shouldn’t be a life or death event

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2020 | Auto-Pedestrian Accidents

Residents in Connecticut understand that the winter months can be hazardous for pedestrians and motorists alike. Unfortunately, when a pedestrian is involved in a vehicle collision, he or she will likely suffer devastating injuries that could require medical treatment, surgery or lengthy physical therapy. In extreme cases, the accident could prove fatal.

Pedestrian safety is a critical factor in cities across the nation. With warning signs, painted crosswalks and legal consequences for breaking the rules, some wonder why pedestrian injuries continue to populate news stories.

With winter storms in full swing, pedestrians might find it more challenging to get safely from Point A to Point B. Blowing snow may make it harder for motorists to see pedestrians and icy road conditions may make it more difficult to stop a car before striking someone crossing the street. Here are three things pedestrians can do to protect their safety:

  1. Stay visible: Motorcyclists often operate under the assumption that they are invisible to other drivers. Pedestrians should adopt the same principle. There are steps they can take, however, to stay as visible as possible. From wearing bright clothing and reflective stripes to making eye contact with drivers at intersections and scheduling their walks during the day, pedestrians can improve visibility.
  2. Avoid distractions: The temptation to multitask while walking can be overwhelming. From sending a text message to reading an email, many pedestrians attempt to walk while manipulating handheld electronics. Distracted walking is a serious issue and walkers are encouraged to avoid distractions until they reach their destination.
  3. Be predictable: Working in conjunction with “stay visible,” pedestrians are encouraged to follow the rules of the road. Make sure to cross the street at crosswalks, walk on the sidewalk and follow safety signals. Stepping into the road to get around an icy patch on the sidewalk might seem at first to be the safer choice, but cars on the road might disagree.

Preventing vehicle accidents is the responsibility of both motorists and pedestrians. When the weather turns bad, both must be diligent in remaining attentive and safe on the roads.


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