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3 ways Connecticut bicyclists can increase their visibility

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2020 | Auto-Pedestrian Accidents

Making yourself standout when you share the road with other motorists is essential when you ride a bike.

Car drivers often crash into bicyclists because they don’t notice them until it’s too late. But increasing visibility may help prevent a dangerous collision. You can do this through outfit choices for day and night riding, having proper lights and riding where you are most expected.

Dress in flashy ways

If you tend to own and wear clothing that is dark or subtle in color, then it’s best to put personal taste aside when it comes to dressing for leisurely bike rides or your everyday commute. This is because wearing bright and fluorescent pieces during the day and reflective gear at night are both going to help you be more noticeable on the road. When riding at night, wearing clothing with reflective features on your lower body rather than your upper body may be more effective. Since you are constantly moving your legs while biking, reflective pants may reveal you are a moving person and not a traffic sign.

Be a guiding light

Increasing your visibility can also come through illumination. Adding a white light to the front of your bike and a red one to the back will be especially helpful at night. However, that’s not to say a light won’t serve any purpose during daytime rides. Both are important, but it’s worth noting that daytime lights need to be on a brighter setting than nighttime lights. Installing flashing lights is also a solid choice, because they can portray that you are in motion — in a similar way that reflective gear worn on your lower body shows you are not stationary.

Follow familiar paths

Since car drivers can miss bicyclists even with proper lights and clothing, another way you can establish a longer presence is by taking routes that are well-traveled. If you take roads other bicyclists frequent, then that is a good indication that the car drivers on those roads may be more aware of you. You can find bike-friendly paths with mapping apps if you are unsure of which path to take on your next ride.

At the end of the day, it’s not fair for a car driver to claim that they didn’t see you. So, if you were a victim in a collision, then personal injury attorney can help you seek justice and compensation.


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