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Driver responsible for pedestrian accident possibly intoxicated

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2019 | Firm News, pedestrian accidents

Connecticut drivers are taught early on that it is important to keep an eye out for pedestrians. Understandably, if a driver decides to operate a vehicle while he or she is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, there may be serious consequences. Apart from the legal consequences, a driver that is under the influence can injure or kill innocent people, as was the case in a recent pedestrian accident

An elderly Connecticut couple, well-known and beloved in their community, was crossing the street at an intersection in Stonington. As they made their way across the northbound lane, they were struck by a car. Police and rescue workers rushed to the scene to try to save the couple, but both husband and wife died from the injuries they suffered. 

The driver that caused the deaths stayed at the scene. After some initial investigation, law enforcement felt there was evidence to support a DUI charge. The driver was taken to jail, and she is awaiting a court date later this month. 

When a pedestrian accident takes a life, or in this case, two, surviving friends and family are likely in shock. In addition to the grief that usually accompanies loss of life, surviving family may also be faced with medical bills, burial costs and other financial burdens that often follow a serious accident. Many families choose to seek the aid of a personal injury attorney, who can help a client seek recovery of documented monetary damages caused by the negligence of the party or parties deemed responsible for the fatal accident. 


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