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March 2019 Archives

Driver at fault in motorcycle crash charged

Spring has officially sprung, and across Connecticut, motorcycle enthusiasts are dusting off their gear and gearing up for a ride. Other drivers know that extra caution must be used when sharing the road with motorcycles, because they are smaller and may be harder to see than other larger kinds of vehicles. Riders can suffer serious injury or death in a motorcycle crash, even if a rider is wearing a helmet and driving safely themselves. 

Driver responsible for pedestrian accident possibly intoxicated

Connecticut drivers are taught early on that it is important to keep an eye out for pedestrians. Understandably, if a driver decides to operate a vehicle while he or she is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, there may be serious consequences. Apart from the legal consequences, a driver that is under the influence can injure or kill innocent people, as was the case in a recent pedestrian accident

Risk of a train accident still shockingly high, says report

Trains are making a comeback. They have stayed the course, and advances in technology have allowed rail travel to keep a place in modern times. In Connecticut and elsewhere, trains remain an efficient way to move large quantities of freight or hundreds of people efficiently from one place to another. In spite of this, technology developed over a decade ago to decrease the risk of a train accident has gone largely unused since it's inception. 

Fatal auto accident saddens entire community

Many Connecticut residents are fortunate enough to belong to the sort of close-knit community that many only dream of. Especially in small towns, residents often rally around the local high school sports team, showing up in force to cheer the kids to victory. In some communities, a coach or mentor can touch lives in many ways. Recently, a fatal auto accident took the life of a local hero.