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Fatal auto accident saddens entire community

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2019 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents, Firm News

Many Connecticut residents are fortunate enough to belong to the sort of close-knit community that many only dream of. Especially in small towns, residents often rally around the local high school sports team, showing up in force to cheer the kids to victory. In some communities, a coach or mentor can touch lives in many ways. Recently, a fatal auto accident took the life of a local hero. 

The tragedy unfolded as the East Haven High School football coach was struck by a driver headed the wrong way on Interstate 95. Though investigators have not yet determined what might have caused the errant driver to be traveling against traffic, they have established that the 32-year-old male driver crashed head-on into the vehicle the 55-year-old coach’s vehicle. Both vehicles then struck a third vehicle. 

The coach was killed as a result, as was the driver deemed to have been at fault. The occupants of the third vehicle reportedly escaped serious injury. The loss of the beloved football coach rocked the surrounding community to it’s core. East Haven High School has established grief counseling service to try to ease the anguish of students, teachers and neighbors who must now face the loss of this local icon and friend. 

When a person becomes the victim of a fatal auto accident, representatives of his or her estate may begin to feel overwhelmed. In addition to a deep sense of personal loss, friends and family may need to handle medical bills, funeral expenses, insurance matters and other issues that may arise in the aftermath of such an accident. It may be a good idea for those facing this situation in Connecticut to allow an experienced attorney to step in and help, particularly when grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit appear to exist.


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