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Truck accidents: Bus crash hurts kids on way to school

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2018 | Firm News, Truck Accidents

For many Connecticut children, riding the bus is a part of daily life. Many student use buses to get back and forth to school. While riding the bus can be a fun way to hang out with friends and talk about the day, they could be at risk for getting hurt. Bus and truck accidents are all too common occurrences across the country.

Recently, a Connecticut school bus became involved in an accident with a car. At least 12 children on board suffered injuries. The driver of the car was also injured. Police say parents of all children who were on the bus were notified of the crash by the local school board.

The injured children were transported to the hospital, and all are expected to recover. The driver of the car also required hospital treatment. The driver of the bus was not injured, and the crash remains under investigation as police attempt to determine the initial cause of the accident.

When children are the victims of bus or truck accidents, families may feel overwhelmed. Medical bills may stack up quickly, and a recovering child may also suffer emotionally while struggling to come to terms with the traumatic experience. An experienced attorney can help a family as they attempt to hold the party or parties believed to have been at fault financially accountable for their injuries and suffering. The legal process may seem confusing in the aftermath of a serious accident, but a personal injury attorney can direct clients through the proper procedures to seek justice and the full amount of monetary damages applicable to the circumstances.

Source: NBC Connecticut, “Students Injured After Accident Involving Bus in Trumbull“, Oct. 25, 2018


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