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Train accident reaches Supreme Court

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2018 | Firm News, mass transit accidents

Many people may not realize how many Connecticut residents rely on trains each day. Though generally considered a safe and efficient way to get from place to place, sometimes — even with modern safety technology — tragedy can strike. Recently, a train accident sparked a debate that has made its way to the state’s highest court. 

The lawsuit was filed by the widow of a man who was killed by a train. He slipped on a bit of ice on the platform and tumbled onto the track. Though the train was reportedly traveling at a safe speed, the man was struck and killed as the train pulled into the station. The man’s widow argued that, since conditions were precarious due to ice, the trains should not have been running on the tracks closest to the platforms. 

Representatives for the railroad argue that there are no regulations as to which track trains may use. They say that speeds are indeed regulated, but the train in question was well within the range of speed considered to be safe. Though they sympathize with the widow and lament the loss of life, they insist the railroad is not to blame for the tragedy. 

If a Connecticut resident feels that he or she may have a claim related to a train accident, he or she may be at a loss for how to proceed. Often, it can be helpful to contact an experienced attorney. An attorney can explain the legal process to a client and explain how he or she may have been wronged by a negligent party. A victim need not suffer alone, and a knowledgeable attorney can stand on a victim’s side as he or she fights for that justice. 


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