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Pedestrian accident victim dies from injuries

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2018 | Firm News, pedestrian accidents

As one of the most naturally scenic states in the nation, a drive through Connecticut can be a pleasure. With so much to look at out the window, it is important for drivers to remember to keep their eyes on the road. In addition to navigating through lines of other vehicles, drivers need to keep a close eye out for pedestrians, who are often difficult to see as they attempt to cross the street. When someone becomes the victim of a pedestrian accident, the injuries suffered may be especially severe. 

Recently, a Connecticut woman began to walk across a street when she was struck by a southbound driver. The driver was attempting to merge into another lane when the accident occurred. The woman suffered severe injuries, and was taken to a nearby hospital for immediate treatment. 

Unfortunately, the woman was unable to recover, and was pronounced dead. Police are currently investigating the crash, and the driver has been identified. As the investigation begins, it is already clear that the actions of the driver ended the life of the pedestrian. 

When a pedestrian accident victim dies, their loved ones may be so overcome by shock and grief that they find themselves at a loss for how best to proceed. It can be difficult for family to manage funeral expenses and other final arrangements as they begin to deal with their loss. In many cases, it can be helpful the family of a pedestrian accident victim to contact an experienced attorney. An attorney can assist families with financial and legal matters as they take time to grieve. 


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