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Mother of 5 becomes pedestrian accident victim

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2018 | Firm News, pedestrian accidents

For many Connecticut residents, it is the time of year to be out and about enjoying the summer weather. Most people assume that when they venture out for a stroll around their neighborhood, they will return home safely intact. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and on some occasions a person becomes a pedestrian accident victim

On July 7, a Connecticut woman was found dead in the street. Horrified witnesses gathered at the scene, and were deeply saddened when they recognized the victim as a local mother of five, much beloved by her neighbors. They describe her as a friendly person who would help anyone she could.

Police are actively investigating the accident. They have not yet located the offending driver, who fled the scene. They have told the public that they have access to camera footage of the scene, and some witnesses were able to describe the vehicle that killed their friend. Witnesses describe a severe head injury, and the victim was not only struck, but run over by the vehicle. 

When a pedestrian accident victim suffers serious injury or death, it can affect the entire community. Friends and loved ones may find themselves in a state of shock and anger. In such situations, it can be helpful to victims and/or their families to contact an experienced attorney. An attorney can help families as they attempt to manage things like medical bills, funeral expenses and possible court cases to seek justice against the driver believed to have been at fault. 


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