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Connecticut law aims to prevent truck accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2017 | Firm News, Truck Accidents

Sometimes motorists call for help on highways. Other motorists honor that need by being aware and staying well out of the way when they see a disabled motorist, knowing that one day they may find themselves in a similar situation. If drivers are inattentive, it can cause truck accidents. Recently, Connecticut authorities responded to the scene of a truck accident that trapped two people in the wreckage. 

The Connecticut accident occurred after 10 p.m. on Interstate 95. The first reports indicated that a commercial truck and several other vehicles were involved. When authorities arrived on the scene they found one person trapped under a AAA truck and another person trapped in a commercial truck. 

Both people were eventually extracted and taken to the hospital, and the extent of their injuries is not known at this time. Authorities believe that it is possible that the AAA truck was assisting another vehicle immediately before the accident. Authorities also reminded drivers of the Move Over Law. The law states that as long as it is safe to do so, vehicles must slow down and move away from stationary emergency vehicles as they approach.

The accident appears to have caused serious injuries to the trapped people. This tragedy may have been avoided if drivers had followed the Move Over Law or if they had otherwise been more attentive, although authorities are still investigating the cause of the accident. Persons who have suffered injuries due to similar truck accidents have the right to seek the assistance of a personal injury attorney for help with filing claims for damages. 

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