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School bus crash not unlike a public transit accident

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2017 | Firm News, mass transit accidents

Many Connecticut parents are breathing a sigh of relief after a serious school bus accident took place on a recent Tuesday morning. According to police, the crash was a head-on collision. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured, although any type of school bus or public transit accident is a cause for concern among community members.

Connecticut State Police responded to the scene of the accident, on Route 169 not far from Bennett Pond Road. It is believed that a passenger vehicle that was heading in the opposite direction crossed the center line of travel and entered the path of the school bus. The resulting collision left the driver of the passenger vehicle with serious injuries to his face and neck.

Dozens of students were transported to an area hospital following the crash. According to early reports, none of the children suffered serious injuries. They were on their way to two area high schools at the time of the incident. The 59-year-old bus driver has been driving a bus for many years, and it is reported that she has a good driving record.

Parents and other community members are thankful that no one was seriously hurt or killed in the crash. Any time that there is a school bus or public transit accident, the risk of injury or loss of life is heightened. In this case, none of the children showed signs of severe injury at the time of the Connecticut accident. That said, there are many times when trauma does not become apparent until days or even weeks following an incident. The parents of the kids involved in this crash will likely keep a close eye on their children until they can be confident that no harm has been done.  

Source: NBC Connecticut, “Students Sent to Hospital After Canterbury School Bus Crash“, March 7, 2017


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