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Illegal turns made by negligent truck drivers can lead to crashes

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2016 | Firm News, Truck Accidents

Semi drivers can be seen making questionable turns on Connecticut roads just about every day. While it is understandable that these trucks can be difficult to maneuver, truck drivers are expected to following certain turning rules that have been established to help prevent accidents from occurring. Unfortunately, collisions do happen due to illegal turns being made by negligent truck drivers.

Truck drivers are supposed to abide by a number of rules and restrictions which have been put in place for their safety and the safety of other drivers. Turning and space rules can be found in the Commercial Driver’s License Handbook and various other resources on the Internet. There are different protocols for left and right-hand turns.

When making a left-hand turn, truck drivers are supposed to use an the outer turn lane, if there is one available. Using this lane generally gives the proper clearance needed, without the driver having to swing wide into other lanes of traffic. If there is only one turn lane available, truckers are supposed to pull to at least the center of the intersection and swing wide before making their turns. Failing to do this results in the trailer have little room to clear the turn without striking other vehicles or entering other lanes of traffic.

When making a right-hand turn, drivers always have to swing wide. There is no way to avoid this, but there is a certain way in which it must be done to prevent accidents from occurring. When turning right, a truck driver is supposed to keep his or her trailer as close to the curb as possible, while swinging the front end of the truck wide to the left while in the intersection. This prevents other cars from trying to pass on the right side of the truck, which often leads to accidents. Unfortunately, numerous truck drivers fail to keep the trailer near the curb, making it difficult for other drivers to gauge the truckers intentions.

Those in Connecticut who have been injured in turning accidents with semi trucks may have legal recourse. Negligent truck drivers and their employers may be held responsible if cases are successfully litigated in civil court. While proving negligence can be a challenge, with the help of counsel, victims may be able to accomplish this and achieve maximum compensation for their losses.

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