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January 2016 Archives

Driver and passenger in a one-car accident injured

Rescue teams in Connecticut were recently called to a single-vehicle accident with injuries. This incident occurred the evening of Jan. 23, in Willington. Both the driver and the passenger were hurt. According to the laws of the state, when a passenger in a one-car accident suffers injuries, he or she may be entitled to seek compensation for his or her losses by filing legal claims in civil court.

Traumatic brain injuries common after trucking accidents

Trucking accidents have altered the lives of numerous Connecticut residents over the years. Many of these accidents result in fatality. For those who do survive, the physical damages they tend to suffer are often disabling. While there are a number of injuries that individuals may experience following these types of accidents, traumatic brain injuries are some of the most common.

Seek financial compensation following a drunk driving accident

A great number of Connecticut residents have been injured or lost their lives at the hands of impaired drivers. It is a sad but true reality. Fortunately, following drunk driving accidents, it is possible for victims or, in events resulting in fatalities, victim's surviving family members to seek financial compensation for any damages sustained that are deemed recoverable in accordance with state laws.

Connecticut car accidents: Child injured in crash

A child was recently injured in a crash in Connecticut. Authorities say that the driver responsible for the collision failed to stop at a posted stop sign. Car accidents like this are fairly common, and the damages suffered by the victims of such incidents can be quite severe.

Connecticut car accidents: What is needed to prove negligence?

Those residing in Connecticut who have been injured or lost loved ones in auto accidents may wonder what it takes to achieve compensation for their losses. The truth is, being awarded damages for what one has lost in such an incident is not always easy. After such car accidents, negligence has to be established to the satisfaction of a civil court. This can only be done through a thorough investigation and successful litigation.

What damages are recoverable following a pedestrian accident?

A pedestrian accident can happen in the blink of an eye. One minute someone may be walking on the sidewalk, crossing the street, riding his or her bike or walking on the side of the road; the next minute they are down, having been hit by an automobile. A pedestrian accident can have serious to fatal outcomes. Sadly, too many individuals residing in Connecticut have been negatively affected by such events and have suffered greatly.