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Connecticut Interstate car accidents often result in injury

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2014 | Car Accidents, Firm News

Driving on the Interstate, whether for business or pleasure, is part of many people’s daily routine. Unfortunately, car accidents that occur on local freeways often involve multiple vehicles and tend to result in serious injury to those involved. Recently, a multi-vehicle crash in Connecticut shut down northbound lanes on Interstate 95 for some time, and five people were sent to the hospital with injuries.

The accident occurred earlier this month in Stratford. This incident was supposedly caused after a ladder fell from a truck. Five vehicles crashed, one of which was a semi truck. According to firefighters, a minimum of two people had to be rescued from their vehicles. The specific injuries suffered and current medical conditions were not reported.

Northbound lanes were closed for about an hour and a half while police and clean up crews cleared the scene. The southbound lanes were also slowed as a result of the crash. At this point, it is unknown if any citations or charges have been filed or are contemplated relating to this accident.

Car accidents that result in injury can create not only a physical hardship to the victims but may also cause emotional and financial strain. Related medical bills alone can add up quickly, adding stress. Connecticut residents who have been injured in an accident may be entitled to seek financial relief for the hardships endured as a result. A personal injury claim could be filed, and if the individual thought to be responsible is found liable before a civil court, a monetary award may be granted to help the victim in their recovery process.

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