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Crash with injuries — caused by a drunk driver in Connecticut?

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2014 | Drunk Driving Accidents, Firm News

The effects of driving while under the influence of alcohol can be devastating. A drunk driver can cause significant injuries to the unsuspecting victims who just happened to be on the same road at the same time. A recent crash caused by an allegedly drunk driver in Connecticut sent several people, including two children, to the hospital with unspecified injuries.

The accident occurred in the first part of March in Canton. A 44-year-old male, heading west on a local street, attempted to make a left hand turn and ended up striking a vehicle in the eastbound lanes. The driver and two other passengers, both children, were transported to local medical facilities. Another vehicle was also hit in the accident, resulting in the driver being sent to a nearby hospital with injuries. Specific injuries and current conditions of all four victims have not been released.

The driver deemed responsible for this collision has been arrested and is charged with DUI. Witnesses to the accident reported seeing him driving haphazardly just before the accident occurred. It is unknown if any bond or court dates have been set in this case.

The victims of this crash have all suffered physical injuries, and they may also face financial hardship and psychological trauma as a result of the decisions made by this alleged drunk driver. Personal injury claims may be filed against the individual thought responsible to try to recover any monetary losses that have been created due to the crash. If liability is established, a civil court in Connecticut could award each victim financial relief for their pain and suffering, medical expenses and other financial losses recoverable under the state’s laws.

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