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3 dead, 1 injured after Connecticut fatal accident

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2014 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents, Firm News

Connecticut drivers take a risk every day when they get behind the wheel of their vehicles and steer onto Connecticut roads. However, most drivers never think that they’ll be involved in a fatal accident when they wake up that morning. Unfortunately, a car accident can occur at any time and can often result in fatalities.

A 45-year-old man recently crossed over the center lane when he lost control of his vehicle. His vehicle hit one car, which then struck a box truck. The 45-year-old man and the victims in the car that was struck were taken to a local hospital where they died of injuries sustained from the crash. The driver of the box truck walked away with minor injuries.

The investigation is currently ongoing. There is no exact cause of the accident as of yet. Witnesses have come forward saying that the driver of the vehicle that lost control did slump over the wheel just before crossing the center line. The investigation will likely try to determine whether he had a heart attack or some form of medical condition or if, alternatively, he may have passed out from alcohol or drug use.

The families of the victims of this fatal accident will likely want answers. Once concluded, the investigation can provide them with many of their answers; however, they may also be facing unexpected medical, funeral and other expenses due to this collision. These Connecticut families may wish to turn to the civil legal system to hold the responsible party financially accountable for his actions, if it is deemed that the accident was a result of the driver’s negligence, and seek to recover damages for that loss of companionship and other accident-related damages.

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