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January 2014 Archives

3 dead, 1 injured after Connecticut fatal accident

Connecticut drivers take a risk every day when they get behind the wheel of their vehicles and steer onto Connecticut roads. However, most drivers never think that they'll be involved in a fatal accident when they wake up that morning. Unfortunately, a car accident can occur at any time and can often result in fatalities.

Estate of teen killed in crash may seek wrongful death damages

A serious car accident in Oxford resulted in the death of a passenger who was 15 years old and could lead to a potential wrongful death suit. The driver engaged in dangerous and reckless actions behind the wheel, which included driving at a high rate of speed and engaging in a police chase. The family of the deceased passenger could consider a wrongful death suit considering the reckless and unnecessary actions that lead to the death of the young man.

Connecticut youth involved in a fatal accident

Authorities and insurance companies are in agreement: even though accidents can happen at any time, at any place and to anyone, teenagers are more likely to get into an accident during their first year of driving than they are at any other time in their lives. A Connecticut juvenile experienced just that when she was recently involved in a fatal accident. The girl, a 17-year-old, crashed into another car in Manchester. The car she hit ended up rolling over.

Passenger in a one-car accident killed, another injured

When a Connecticut resident gets into a car, there are countless threats that he or she might encounter. Distracted drivers and drunk drivers elsewhere on the road are just a few of the dangers. Sometimes, the dangers exist within the car in which the person is riding. Recently, a passenger in a one-car accident died, along with the driver, while the other passenger was severely injured.

Passenger in a one-car accident killed in New Haven

When a Connecticut resident gets into a car with someone else behind the wheel, the resident is trusting the driver with his or her life. A passenger, after all, has very little control over what decisions the driver makes and even less control over what other drivers on the road are doing. The unfortunate truth is that a passenger in a one-car accident may suffer a serious injury or even death in some cases.

Head-on collision kills 1, injures 2

Connecticut residents are very familiar with the numerous state routes that make up the majority of the state's roadways. Though they are frequently more scenic, there are potential drawbacks to these roadways, including little to no lighting along with no dividers, to name a couple. They often can provide the perfect scenario for a head-on collision.

Woman killed in pedestrian accident in parking lot

A young woman in Connecticut was hit while she was removing articles from her car that was parked in a public parking lot. It was dark, since it was the early morning hours. In a freak pedestrian accident, a dark red or burgundy car hit her and dragged her to her death.

Woman fatally injured while walking on the street in Berlin

Drivers of cars are under obligation to safely and responsibly share the roadways with all kinds of other vehicles. From tractor-trailer drivers to bikers to motorcycle riders to those on foot, there are countless travelers of varying circumstances who share the road. Those who travel on foot in Connecticut may be at the biggest disadvantage, since they stand the greatest chance of being injured while walking on the street.