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Connecticut pedestrian accident: killed while crossing the street

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2013 | Auto-Pedestrian Accidents, Firm News

Connecticut pedestrians face disadvantages in any area surrounding roadways. Drivers who do not pay close attention are likely to hit and injure these pedestrians. Hearing of a pedestrian accident daily is becoming a normal thing — and it should not be. Operators of motor vehicles have a responsibility to uphold, and it involves making roadways safe for everybody, including both drivers and pedestrians.

A pedestrian accident recently happened in Connecticut. The accident occurred on Route 83 at around 7:30 p.m. It reportedly involved a vehicle hitting a man who was trying to cross the street. The driver of the vehicle did the right thing and stopped to call the police immediately after hitting the pedestrian.

The victim was taken by an ambulance to Rockville Hospital to attempt to be treated for his severe injuries. He was unfortunately pronounced dead upon arrival. The driver of the vehicle did not suffer any injuries. Charges have not yet been filed against the driver, however, the investigation is still ongoing and could take weeks to complete.

This pedestrian accident could potentially have been prevented. Paying attention when sharing the roadways with others can go a long way to ensure the safety of others. Pedestrians are the most vulnerable victims on or near roadways. Pedestrians do not have the steel and reinforced safety precautions that a vehicle offers; which is why it cannot be stressed enough that drivers need to pay closer attention in areas where pedestrians are known to be.

This town in Connecticut will undoubtedly not soon forget the passing of one of their own. A family will now be left in mourning for their lost loved one. The victim’s family retains the right to file a claim against the driver for this pedestrian accident, should any liability be found in this case. The potential financial damages could be used to cover any funeral or medical expenses the family is left to face after this unexpected passing.

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