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October 2013 Archives

Connecticut pedestrian accident: killed while crossing the street

Connecticut pedestrians face disadvantages in any area surrounding roadways. Drivers who do not pay close attention are likely to hit and injure these pedestrians. Hearing of a pedestrian accident daily is becoming a normal thing -- and it should not be. Operators of motor vehicles have a responsibility to uphold, and it involves making roadways safe for everybody, including both drivers and pedestrians.

Connecticut crash involving parked cars causes serious injury

When a person parks their car along the curb, the last thing they expect is to find that their car has been involved in a crash when they return. A recent Connecticut accident involved parked cars, and caused serious injury to two people and a number of vehicles. Several people could potentially seek reimbursement for damage to property, as well as medical expenses.

Connecticut intersection crash between bus, Nissan hurts several

Many Connecticut residents have experienced the fear that can come from driving through an intersection only to realize that another vehicle is not obeying a traffic signal. When a vehicle fails to stop at a red light as required, an intersection crash can result. This can lead to injuries to innocent victims that are suddenly left struggling to pay medical bills and other expenses. The good news is that when this does occur, victims often have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit in order to recoup those financial damages.

Mother of three dies in crash, may have wrongful death claim

Vehicle accidents can involve the most heartbreaking stories of immeasurable losses. A 27-year-old mother of three who was eight months pregnant died in a two-car crash on Route 6 in Farmington on Oct. 14. She was driving a purple minivan with her three children as passengers. Farmington police did not give a definitive description of how the accident occurred but they said that preliminarily it appeared that a Buick sedan turned in front of the eastbound minivan. If that's the case, her estate may have a wrongful death claim against the driver of the Buick under Connecticut law.

Motorcyclist killed in wrongful death situation in Connecticut

The experience of having a loved one killed in a motorcycle accident in Connecticut can cause people to be distressed and shocked. Motorcyclists are especially at risk for injury or death in vehicle crashes, compared with other vehicles, because a bike offers no protection in a crash. Although fatal motorcycle accidents can lead to criminal charges, criminal charges may not be enough in the situation of the loss of a loved one. The family members of a deceased loved one can also seek monetary damages through a wrongful death claim to experience closure in the tragedy.

Estate of man killed in crash may seek wrongful death damages

Another case of a vehicle leaving the road and hitting a tree has occurred. In this Connecticut accident, the vehicle was traveling on Route 8 in Trumbull recently when it left the highway and struck a tree. The 30-year-old male passenger was ejected and killed. The driver was also ejected. The facts are only sparsely reported, but generally a passenger in a vehicle that leaves the road and crashes into a tree will have a wrongful death action against the driver.

Wrongful death claim possible in recent Connecticut accident

An entire community can be emotionally impacted by the sudden death of a young child. Losing a child in a tragic vehicle accident is a reality no parent would ever want to be confronted with. Unfortunately, there are some such accidents on Connecticut highways which result in fatalities. A recent motorcycle accident which claimed the life of a 6th-grade boy could result in the filing of a wrongful death claim in civil court.