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Pedestrian struck, driver cited after Branford accident

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2013 | Auto-Pedestrian Accidents, Firm News

An auto-pedestrian accident occurred just outside of New Haven, Connecticut recently, leaving a woman hospitalized and a driver at fault for the unfortunate collision.

The pedestrian accident happened in Branford, where a local woman was trying to cross the street. A man was driving his car and crashed right into the woman. The police cited the driver for failing to grant the right of way to the pedestrian, who was taken to a medical facility to undergo further treatment for her injuries (she accepted some treatment at the scene).

There are a few things to take away from this story, and the first is in regards to the nature of pedestrian accidents. In most cases, the pedestrian is completely blindsided by the accident. They look both ways, step into the crosswalk and then, boom, a car strikes them. usually this happens because the other driver did not check for pedestrians or was distracted in some way. Proving this in civil court can be difficult in some cases; but for the victimized pedestrian, it can all be worth it. A personal injury lawsuit can help them earn the compensation they need to pay medical bills.

Another thing to consider here is that, in many cases, criminal charges are not applied in auto-pedestrian accidents. There is no real bias at play here; instead, the police simply have more serious crimes to deal with, so they place their focus in other areas. Because of this phenomenon, filing a civil lawsuit is one of the best ways for a victim of an auto-pedestrian accident to obtain justice.

Last but not least — and we’ve touched on this before — always accept the medical care offered at the accident scene. It aids your recovery, establishes a record of what injuries you sustained and what type of treatment was performed. This record can then be referenced in a civil lawsuit.

Source: New Haven Register, “Branford driver charged after allegedly hitting pedestrian,” July 30, 2013


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