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Medical malpractice may follow physician’s criminal conviction

On Behalf of | May 23, 2013 | Firm News, Medical Malpractice

Millions of Americans, no doubt including many Connecticut residents, were likely shocked to learn of the gruesome details recently revealed in trial regarding an abortion doctor accused of terminating almost full term babies outside of the womb. Jurors convicted the doctor this week of killing three babies born alive during a criminal trial.

Beyond the criminal trial, the country may also see medical malpractice civil trials brought against the physician, who made millions performing abortions, both legal and illegal, over the course of his career. States are prohibiting from outlawing abortions in early pregnancy, but may do so when the fetus’ life becomes viable outside the womb. According to sources, the convicted physician was delivering live babies and then cutting their spinal cords to complete the abortion.

Many of the women undergoing such procedures likely had no idea how the abortion would be performed, or that the baby was alive when it exited the womb. On top of these horrible circumstances, the facility in which the doctor worked also deteriorated over the course of time, creating unsanitary and unsafe conditions for patients. Specifically, sources state the doctors reused disposable medical equipment that could spread venereal diseases and also allowed untrained staff to complete skilled care.

The doctor has been facing medical malpractice suits for some time now, even prior to the criminal trial. One party claimed that he left the fetus inside of her and another stated she spent two weeks in a hospital with sepsis after she underwent an abortion at his clinic.

These kinds of horrific stories are troubling to hear. Yet, it is an important reminder as to why medical malpractice claims are a vital resource for injured parties. Obtaining monetary compensation for medical expenses, wage loss and pain and suffering that extends from such negligent and reckless behavior can help with moving on in life.

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