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DNA evidence helps identify individual in tragic crash

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2013 | Car Accidents, Firm News

The tragedy of a car accident will have an enormous impact on those involved. Sadly, one negligent or distracted driver possesses the capacity to seriously or even fatally injure another human being, thereby change the course of a substantial amount of lives in the process.

Thankfully, the state of Connecticut has laws in place that hold a negligent part accountable in the event of a car accident that causes injury to another. Yet, it is incredibly difficult to prosecute or pursue civil litigation against that individual if they flee the scene of an accident. This was the very issue for a tragic accident that occurred recently in Grand Junction, Colorado. On January 19th, an individual was involved in an accident in the city which resulted in her death. Until recently, authorities were unable to locate the driver of the vehicle that caused the incident.

However, on April 12, authorities revealed they discovered crucial DNA evidence which might have identified the negligent party. That individual now faces charges of vehicular homicide and DUI.

Most states, including Connecticut provide not only criminal penalties for negligent drivers, but also civil consequences. The loved ones of an individual that died in an accident can bring a civil suit against the negligent driver in Connecticut courts. Such a suit can bring the necessary monetary compensation required to cover the medical expenses, pain and suffering and funeral costs associated with the accident.

Holding an individual accountable for his or her negligent decisions can have an enormous impact on not only the victim, but society as a whole. Civil litigation imposes a penalty on those who are guilty of causing injury to another. Such penalties result in proper punishment and future deterrence to not on that negligent driver but other potential negligent drivers as well.

Source: Connecticut Post, “Police say DNA helped solve car accident case,” April 12, 2013


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