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Tragedy strikes in multi-vehicle car accident in Connecticut

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2012 | Car Accidents, Firm News

It is a tragic day when a life is lost in a car wreck. Such tragedy occurred recently in Middlebury, Connecticut, when a multi-vehicle crash resulted in a fatality. Prior to the collision, there were a number of vehicles traveling on Interstate 84 East. While in heavy traffic, five cars in the left lane slowed upon approaching some congestion. A sixth vehicle, which was a truck, approached from behind and struck the fifth vehicle.

This tragic car accident resulted in the transportation of several individuals to a local hospital. The impact catapulted the fifth vehicle, which was driven by the fatally injured woman, into the car in front of her. This caused a chain reaction which resulted in the multi-vehicle crash.

The woman, along with eight others injured, was transported to a Connecticut hospital. She was later pronounced dead. In addition, the highway was closed for several hours because of the incident. The deceased woman left behind a husband of fifteen years and a young son.

In cases like these, a victim’s family may choose to bring a personal injury action against the negligent driver who caused the accident. If the family can prove the driver was negligent in his or her behavior and such negligence caused the victim’s injuries, then they may be entitled to monetary compensation for their losses.

In times of tragedy like this, it can be difficult to think about a lawsuit. However, instigating a suit as soon as possible preserves invaluable evidence and ensures the suit is filed before a statute of limitations expires.

Source: The Sun Chronicle, “NA resident dies in Conn. highway crash,” Nov. 25, 2012.


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