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August 2012 Archives

Harsher teen driving laws getting results

As previous posts have mentioned, the high number of car collisions in the state of Connecticut has prompted lawmakers to create more serious driving laws, inspired educational organizations to focus on safe driving techniques and moved law enforcement to engage in ticket sprees across the state. One example of these extra efforts to reduce car accidents involves stricter laws for teen drivers. The month of August marks a four-year anniversary since the state of Connecticut created rigid driving rules for teens.

Medicare penalties to hospitals for readmissions

Medical malpractice suits are often hard fought. However, the injuries patients may experience from hospital negligence are serious and sometimes fatal. It is for this reason that instances of medical malpractice must be reduced by both court deterrence and other efforts. One effort currently being made addresses issues of hospital readmissions.

Connecticut man involved in possible drunk driving accident

Many of us make decisions that we regret. However, the decision to drink and drive is one that should never be made because of the serious injuries such a decision may cause. Certainly the risks one takes when getting behind the wheel under the influence must be apparent by the plethora of tragic drinking and driving related accidents in the news. In spite of this, incidences of drinking and driving continue to occur every day.

Jury awards $6.7 million in Connecticut car accident case

Almost four years ago, a negligent decision made by one individual resulted in the death of another. A Connecticut Department of Transportation worker had noticed debris in the left and center lanes of the highway. He subsequently parked his truck on both the shoulder and right lane, blocking the only unobstructed lane.

Uninsured coverage provides remedy for hit-and-run victims

A recent hit-and-run car accident in Meriden has left an 18-year-old woman with a brain injury, a fractured spine and nerve damage in her left leg. The woman was riding as a passenger in a friend's car proceeding through an intersection when an oncoming car made a left turn in front of them, striking them on the driver's side.