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April 2012 Archives

Connecticut medical malpractice bills hotly debated

Legislators in Connecticut are currently considering two bills that could have a substantial impact on the filing of malpractice claims in the event of a medical error. One bill would make it less difficult for individuals to bring medical malpractice claims in the state.

Connecticut man charged in deadly hit-and-run

When an individual in New Haven is involved in a car accident, their first instinct after the impact may be one of panic -- particularly if the individual is the at-fault driver. It appears that one Connecticut man panicked when he hit a woman that was lying in the street and reacted by fleeing the scene of the car accident. Law enforcement found the body of a 24 year-old woman on an entrance ramp along route 9W.

Tragic Connecticut accidents prompt flurry of tickets

In Connecticut, two crosses embedded along Route 44 honor the memory of two young men, 17 and 18 years old, who lost their lives in a tragic car accident last September. According to police, driving at high speed contributed to the accident. Sadly, those crosses are not the only memorials positioned along Connecticut roads. The simple tributes stand as silent testaments, reminding all, particularly the Connecticut police, that negligent driving can result in serious injury and sometimes fatality.

Automated system warns pedestrians when shuttle buses turn

In March of last year, a shuttle bus driver struck and killed a young University of Connecticut student while the young man was walking in a crosswalk. Police say that while the bus driver was driving under the speed limit, he waved to another shuttle bus driver moments before the incident. One year after the fatal bus accident, shuttle buses at the University of Connecticut are now giving pedestrians automated warnings as the buses turn corners.