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February 2019 Archives

Does a helmet matter in a motorcycle crash?

Connecticut motorcycle enthusiasts, or at least some of them, may soon be required to wear helmets when out for a ride. Across the nation, roads are busier than ever, with many highways now having posted speed limits of 70 mph or higher. Now, the state is trying to decide on how to limit the injuries suffered in a motorcycle crash

Wrong-way driver causes fatal auto accident on I-91

Connecticut drivers may wonder just how others end up heading the wrong way on an Interstate. During the day, sober and coherent drivers may have no trouble making sure they are not entering the highway in the wrong direction, but once the sun goes down, when people begin drinking or are otherwise unable to notice their location on the roadway, it becomes more possible than people realize. Under these circumstances, everyone is at risk of (literally) running into a wrong-way driver, and that driver's negligence could result in a fatal auto accident.

Community grieves loss of school student following train accident

When Connecticut parents put their children on school buses, they reasonably expect bus drivers and other travelers to act with caution and safety so their children arrive to their destinations unscathed. Most parents definitely would not expect their children to suffer injury in a train accident on their way to or from school. Sadly, just such an accident recently occurred in another state, which resulted in a student fatality and serious injury to another child.