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Pedestrian accident claims 2 lives

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2018 | Firm News, pedestrian accidents

Whether a pedestrian is walking, jogging or stepping out of a vehicle, he or she is extremely vulnerable against negligent drivers. When a person and a moving vehicle make contact, the injuries suffered are usually life-threatening and often fatal. Unfortunately, two Connecticut women were killed in a pedestrian accident when they were hit by a car while crossing the street in January.

During the evening hours, the women were struck by a vehicle as they were getting out of a cab in Hartford. They were rushed to a nearby hospital. One victim succumbed to her injuries that night while the other died a week later. The driver of the vehicle fled the scene but later turned himself in and is now facing multiple charges, including two counts of second degree manslaughter and evading responsibility with the deaths, along with reckless driving and operating with a suspended license.

Pedestrian accidents typically have devastating consequences. Loved ones of the deceased are now faced with unexpected medical bills, along with funeral expenses and other financial losses. Navigating the legal aspects of a wrongful death claim after losing a loved one can be overwhelming. Connecticut families facing similar tragedies may benefit from understanding their legal rights and the process for filing any claims.

The pain of losing a loved one may never go away. Nevertheless, the Connecticut civil justice system provides the opportunity to seek financial relief when the evidence indicates that the negligence of another party was responsible for the death. Victims of a pedestrian accident, including the surviving families of deceased victims, have the right to pursue all of their legal options.

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