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Crossing guards injured in Connecticut pedestrian accident

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2017 | Firm News, pedestrian accidents

An incident near a school has left two crossing guards injured. A September pedestrian accident outside of a Connecticut school seriously injured one person, and left another with minor injuries. The driver of the car said she blacked out at the time of the serious auto accident. 

The incident occurred during the morning shift at the local school. Two crossing guards were on the sidewalk when a car jumped the curb. One person, the male crossing guard, experienced the full brunt of the crash and was carried several feet away by the impact. The other worker was also struck, but her injuries were not as severe. 

Authorities are still investigating the cause of the crash, and are reviewing video and witness accounts of the incident. The woman who jumped the curb remained at the scene, and she was also transported to the hospital because of the alleged blackout. Witnesses on the scene noted that the area is known to be a dangerous intersection, and that the traffic lights are often blinking instead of functioning properly. 

The investigation continues, and if the evidence indicates that the woman is responsible for the Connecticut accident due to negligence, the other affected individuals may be able to seek awards for damages. The man’s injuries, which have left him in critical condition, will certainly come with hefty medical bills and potentially lasting disability. A person who has been the victim of a pedestrian accident may choose to consult with an attorney for an evaluation of the case in order to determine a strategy for a personal injury claim.  

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