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Connecticut teen dies in fatal auto accident

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2017 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents, Firm News

A community pulls together after an accident that took the life of one teen this week. The fatal auto accident occurred on Route 10 in Connecticut and involved two vehicles. Initial details about the accident have been released to the public in a recent news story. 

The teen was a passenger in a car that was struck by a pickup truck at an intersection. When authorities were called to the scene, they found several people in both vehicles that were injured, but only one person had been killed. The teen girl was a student at the local school. The school was reopened after the weekend accident with grief counselors on hand to assist any individuals with counseling needs. 

The circumstances surrounding the crash remain under investigation. The accident occurred around 11 p.m., and authorities were alerted by several 911 callers. Other injured people in the accident were taken to the local hospital and treated for their injuries. 

Such a tragic loss of life will certainly leave scars on many hearts in the local community. A fatal auto accident can seems like a senseless way to lose a loved one. The Connecticut mother and father of the teenage victim may be seeking answers as to whether the crash was avoidable or if someone was at fault. Surviving family members of other individuals killed in other auto accidents may be reading this story and sympathizing with the plight of the parents. They too are entitled to seek the help of an attorney to determine fault in the accident and also to enlist an attorney’s help to get justice for their lost loved one. 

Source: Ellington, CT Patch, “Initial Report Released On Crash that Killed Ellington Teen“, Chris Dehnel, July 24, 2017


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