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August 2013 Archives

Dangerous train crossing results in another train-car accident

When you approach an intersection that has a train crossing, what do you expect? Some flashing lights, a ringing bell and some mechanical arms to block the road if a train is coming. It seems a pretty basic system that helps prevent serious car accidents from occurring.

New Haven mayoral candidate's HQ struck by motor vehicle

When it comes to car accidents, one of the more uncommon sets of circumstances is a car hitting a building. It happens from time to time; but it is not something you expect when you read about a car accident. When this does happen though, what can be done by the parties involved?

Young man faces numerous charges after fatal pedestrian accident

A 21-year-old man has been hit with a bevy of charges after he backed over an 83-year-old woman and killed her. The accident, which occurred in Hartford, Connecticut, happened at a grocery store where the 21-year-old worked. He did not have a valid driver's license and was told by another employee at the store that he should make a delivery anyway.

Connecticut officer injured after drunk driver strikes him

A recent drunk driving accident sent a Connecticut police officer to the hospital and landed a 31-year-old Massachusetts man in handcuffs on DUI charges. The accident occured when the 31-year-old plowed into the officer, who had pulled over to try and help the driver of a tractor trailer that was disabled.

FDA concerned that sleeping pills are causing sleepy drivers

A car accident can occur for a number of reasons. The driver could have been distracted, by a cell phone or by another person in the car; the driver may have been daydreaming or lost in thought; the driver may have been intoxicated in some way; or the driver may have made an illegal or negligent decision, resulting in a collision.

Black box data proves to be crucial factor in car accidents

Motor vehicles are getting more and more complicated as the years pass. Vehicles can now park themselves; they have rear cameras that give the driver a much wider field of vision when backing up; they have entertainment consoles burrowed in the middle of the dashboard; and, in general, cars are simply far more technologically advanced than anyone could have imagined even 15 years ago.

More questions than answers after Connecticut car accident

Two people were seriously injured after a car accident in Connecticut over the weekend, as law enforcement officials begin the arduous task of investigating the scene. The car accident occurred at an intersection, and one of the drivers was severely injured -- requiring extrication from her vehicle.