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New Haven mayoral candidate’s HQ struck by motor vehicle

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2013 | Car Accidents, Firm News

When it comes to car accidents, one of the more uncommon sets of circumstances is a car hitting a building. It happens from time to time; but it is not something you expect when you read about a car accident. When this does happen though, what can be done by the parties involved?

First and foremost, everyone involved should wait for a determination by safety and law enforcement officials in regards to how the wreck occurred. If the driver of one of the vehicles is deemed at fault based on negligence, then the victims of the wreck can seek compensation from that negligent driver.

Buildings are usually struck by vehicles at busy intersections, where a turning car or maybe a speeding vehicle causes an unfortunate accident. In these cases, there could be a number of things at play: red light runners, an illegal left turn or a reckless lane change could cause these types of collisions.

Last but not least, for the building owner or the tenants of the building, they should consult an experienced attorney to help protect their rights when they are presented with such a bizarre car accident. Every case is different; but if the driver was at fault in the wreck, they could liable for the damage done to your property.

A recent accident involving the headquarters of mayoral candidate Toni Harp left two people injured. Though it does initially appear to be a true accident, the car damaged the building Harp uses. The police are investigating the crash.

Source: New Haven Register, “Two injured in New Haven as car crashes into Toni Harp campaign office,” Mary E. O’Leary, Aug. 21, 2013


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