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April 2013 Archives

Medical malpractice verdict brings justice to one family

Instances of medical malpractice can often be tragic. A physician is a trusted individual, but also a human being capable of making mistakes. Yet, a medical malpractice claim, often misunderstood, is not brought for small, everyday mistakes. Instead, such a claim involves the failure of a medical provider to meet the standard of care and in so doing, likely substantially harmed another individual. Medical malpractice claims do not only involve a physician but can also be brought against a hospital. A state neighboring Connecticut recently experienced a medical malpractice suit involving a substantial birth injury.

Drunk driving accident injures nine people

A car accident is troubling enough without tossing in complicated facts such as driving under the influence of alcohol. The propensity for any negligent driver to ruin the lives of others is great. When one adds alcohol to the mix, the amount of damage that can be done is often too much for anyone to handle. Unfortunately, this kind of combination is likely the cause of a recent drunk driving accident that injured nine people in Connecticut recently.

DNA evidence helps identify individual in tragic crash

The tragedy of a car accident will have an enormous impact on those involved. Sadly, one negligent or distracted driver possesses the capacity to seriously or even fatally injure another human being, thereby change the course of a substantial amount of lives in the process.

Connecticut state rep facing consequences after car accident

A hit-and-run accident is a troubling event because it often leaves a victim injured without assistance. That is why there is law in place in Connecticut, as well as in other states, which requires anyone involved in an incident to stop and render assistance to any injured parties. Unfortunately, drinking and driving is often involved in such incidents as well and may be the reason for the flee in the first place. All of these facts potentially play into a Connecticut accident case involving a state lawmaker.

Spinal cord injuries result from dangerous car accident

One of the worst injuries, aside from death, that one can experience from a car accident is that of a spinal cord injury which has the potential to cause life lasting consequences. As many Connecticut residents understand, a spinal cord injury can debilitate someone for life, leaving her paralyzed, with substantial medical bills and the inability to work or work at full capacity. A recent incident in a western state caused a terrible spinal cord injury to one passenger. Somewhat shockingly, the alleged negligent party was an on-duty police officer.