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The Essential Guide To Your Connecticut Accident Case

Have you been injured? Do you have questions? This free book will guide you through the process of choosing a lawyer and making the right decisions after an accident.

“Since almost all personal injury lawyers are paid the same way (generally, a percentage of the settlement they secure), the client pays the same fee whether the lawyer is just out of law school or one of the premier trial lawyers in the state. Why not hire a highly skilled lawyer for your case? In the personal injury field, the best costs no more than the rest.” Read More

Fill out the form or call us today at (203) 772-3100 and we will mail you this free book today. Reading this book you will learn:

  • Do’s and Don’ts after an accident
  • Whether you need a lawyer for your case.
  • How much is my case worth.
  • How the medical bills get paid.
  • Whether lost wages can be recovered.
  • When an injured person is compensated for pain and suffering
  • How to choose a good injury lawyer
  • What if the other driver had no insurance.
  • What happens if the injury happened at work

The purpose of this book is to provide basic information about the accident claim process in Connecticut. For particular advice about your case, contact us today.