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Great Results For A Job Injury

Hello, my name is Mark. A few years ago I was working on a warehouse dock loading and unloading trucks with a small tow motor. One of the truck drivers forgot to put his truck in park, and while I was driving my tow motor into the back of the truck, it started to roll away from the dock. The tow motor and I fell off the back of the truck and I hurt my shoulder so bad that I needed surgery. I was referred to an attorney who took the time to get to know me and investigate the case. Once he had all the facts, he explained that I had two cases. One with workers comp because the accident happened on the job and the other a regular court case against the truck driver who didn’t set his brake. Attorney got me one good settlement from workers comp after my surgery. But when the truck driver’s insurance company wouldn’t pay a fair settlement, we filed a lawsuit in court. The insurance company wanted to pay a small amount, but attorney told me to hang in there, and at the end of the case we would do much better.

Sure enough, just a month before we were to go to trial, the insurance company finally put a good offer on the table that we were able to accept. It was enough money for me to make a down payment on a house for my family. I really appreciate the way attorney hung in there for me and always gave me straight answers. He told me to be patient and I was and the case really worked out for me.

Hospital Neglect

My name is Howard. Several years ago my seventy year old mother went into a hospital with nausea and a stomach ache. A few days later, without ever leaving the hospital, she was dead. One of her own doctors told us our mother had been neglected in the hospital and that with the proper care she would be alive today. But we had trouble finding a lawyer who would take the case. First I hired a family lawyer who sent off for my mother’s hospital records. Then when the case got too complicated for him, he referred me and my sisters and brother to a law firm that supposedly specialized in medical malpractice. But the lawyer we talked to at that firm told us it wasn’t a clear case against the hospital and besides my mother was so old that it wouldn’t be worth his time to bring the lawsuit. The whole family was very upset. We believed my mother had died unnecessarily. But who would take the case? Then my brother remembered the lawyers at Jacobs & Dow, LLC. We made an appointment with one of your medical malpractice lawyers, and he assured us that if his experts found negligence against the hospital the firm would take the case.

You did bring the lawsuit. Over the next three years there were depositions of doctors and nurses and you uncovered documents our earlier lawyers never had, proving the carelessness that killed my mother. The hospital lawyer took our depositions, and you spent the time to prepare us well for them. In the end, the hospital and doctors who made mistakes in the care of my mother agreed to settle for over a million dollars.

Our whole family is grateful to your firm. From the beginning, we told you the money wasn’t the most important thing. My brother and sisters wanted to make sure that what happened to our mother wouldn’t happen to someone else. After the case settled, you told me that the hospital has now changed its procedures from those in place when my mother died. Today, patients at that hospital have an in-hospital doctor caring for them at all times to prevent the kind of neglect that caused my mother’s death.

Injuries From A Car Accident

My name is Susan. I live in New Hampshire. Several years ago I was in Connecticut visiting my sister when my car was hit from behind in a bad collision and I hurt my neck. At first I didn’t think it was a serious injury. I was back at work after a few days. My own doctor thought it was just a muscle strain and that with time and physical therapy I would be fine. But I wasn’t fine. I hired a lawyer in Connecticut to represent me. After a year or so, though I was still working, my neck pain had gotten worse. I would come home from work every day and have to lie down because of the pain. I was having a hard time doing what I usually did with my husband and children. One day the lawyer called and told me the insurance company had offered $20,000 to settle my case. He recommended that I accept the offer because at that point my hospital bills weren’t that high and my doctor had no explanation for my pain.

Instead, I consulted attorney, a much more experienced injury lawyer at your firm. Attorney told me not to settle the case until I was sure what was wrong with my neck. He recommended that I see a neurosurgeon and get a more complete work up, which is what I did. The MRI my surgeon ordered showed I had a nerve injury in my spine that was causing my pain. She told me that if the condition wasn’t corrected it could cause me to lose strength and sensation in my hand and arm. I eventually had the surgery, and it stabilized my neck, though the pain didn’t really go away.

Attorney filed the law suit against the driver that crashed into me. His insurance company initially didn’t believe my neck surgery was caused by this accident. Finally the insurance company agreed to a mini-trial in front of a mediator, who awarded me almost $350,000.

Attorney gave me great advice and helped me through a very difficult period in my life. He really took the time to understand how the injury affected me and my whole family. At his presentation before the mediator there were tears in the room.

I feel so lucky to have found your firm, after my experience with that first lawyer.

Insurance Dispute

My name is Angela. About two years ago I got so sick that I had to take a leave of absence from my job. Eventually, I was put on disability and my employer terminated me. I needed my medical coverage continued because I had huge medication bills and I was willing to pay the monthly premium for Cobra extension. But the company told me my benefits were exhausted and wouldn’t continue my coverage. I brought this problem to Jacobs & Dow, LLC. Attorney listened to my story, reviewed all the paperwork, and we discussed a new Connecticut law to protect the insurance coverage for people like me. He promised to fight the insurance company and work to get my medical insurance back as soon as possible. From the time your firm sent out a demand letter, it was only a few weeks before the insurance company reviewed my case, changed its decision and reinstated my medical coverage. I am so grateful the lawyers at your firm. Without our medical insurance my husband and I could have lost everything.