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January 2015 Archives

Whiplash may not be preventable

A driver that suffers a whiplash injury in Connecticut may endure immense hardship as a result. Though the occurrence of whiplash injuries may be mitigated to a certain degree by wearing proper restraints while driving, it may actually not be possible to prevent them entirely. As such, whiplash continues to be one of the most common forms of injury for motorists.

Woman Connecticut accident that kills 1

According to local authorities, a woman caused a fatal collision on Dec. 4 in Bridgeport after slamming her BMW into a Subaru. The incident occurred after the woman who was a state corrections officer for 16 years left her home early that morning on her way to work and detoured to St. Vincent's Medical Center instead. She told the police that she decided to seek treatment for anxiety about her wedding due to relationship issues with her fiance.

Pedestrian accident trends

When a pedestrian accident occurs in Connecticut, the consequences for the victims can be severe. Understanding some of the patterns involved in pedestrian accidents, such as the times these incidents most often occur and which ages are likely to be affected, may help to reduce their overall occurrence.

Is post-traumatic stress disorder possible after a car accident?

Residents in Connecticut who have been involved in a car accident might wonder if the feelings they are experiencing after the incident could be considered post-traumatic stress disorder. While it is common for people involved in accidents to experience many reactions that range from shock to anger, these feelings usually begin to subside as time passes. However, if these feelings become more intense with time and begin to get in the way of the person's day-to-day life, it might be a sign that the person is experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder.

Connecticut crash involves 5 cars and injures state trooper

On Dec. 27 on the northbound side of Interstate 91 in Hartford, a state trooper was making a routine traffic stop in the right side breakdown lane. A 31-year-old driver from Enfield was traveling in the center lane and trying to make an evasive move to avoid police activity when a 35-year-old Bridgeport woman driving a Nissan Altima sideswiped his driver's side door. Traffic had slowed down ahead of her and she allegedly swerved to avoid a rear-end collision, according to state police.

How drugs could jeopardize Connecticut drivers

Motorists who operate vehicles after consuming drugs pose a distinct risk on the roads of Connecticut and other states. Alcohol and other psychoactive drugs impact the way people's brains operate. Such changes in cognitive function may contribute to further shifts in perception, with most scientific evidence suggesting that some motorists can become notably impaired. In 2013, millions of people nationwide admitted to using various drugs while driving.

Preventing impaired driving accidents

A variety of studies show how great the impact of impaired driving is on the nation's economy and on individual drivers in Connecticut and around the country. Alcohol-related crashes cost almost $59 billion annually and result in almost 30 deaths every day. Drunk driving also goes largely unnoticed and uncontrolled. While almost 1.4 million people were arrested for drunk driving in 2010, 112 million adults self-reported driving while impaired at least once that year.