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Pedestrian killed after getting off bus

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2015 | Auto-Pedestrian Accidents, Firm News

A woman was hit by a car and killed as she crossed a street in Connecticut. The police report indicates that the accident happened at the corner of Anderson Hill Road and King Street in Greenwich.

At 6:50 a.m. on Jan. 6, a 51-year-old woman disembarked from a Westchester County Bee-Line bus and attempted to cross King Street to the west side. A northbound vehicle reportedly failed to see her in time and struck her, inflicting severe injuries.

She was taken to Greenwich Hospital for medical treatment of her wounds but later succumbed to her injuries. She passed away under the hospital’s care. The driver of the car was not injured in the accident, and no other people were reported to have been involved. The road was closed for the investigation, but it reopened again after approximately three hours. The Greenwich police traffic division has yet to file charges against anyone in response to the incident.

An automobile-pedestrian accident has the potential to cause grievous injuries to the individual who is struck by a car. When fatality results, the family may choose to press a wrongful death lawsuit against the person who hit their loved one if negligence is suspected.

An attorney may be able to help them put together a civil case in the proper form, seeking compensation for the loss of the economic and emotional support that they expected from their loved one. They may also choose to ask for punitive damages, whereby the defendant would be required to pay additional sums in order to punish them for their reckless behavior.

Source: NBC Connecticut, “Pedestrian, 51, dies after car hits her in Greenwich”, Jan. 7, 2015


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