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July 2012 Archives

Fatal motorcycle accident two days before victim's 30th birthday

An auto accident is no doubt a tragic event no matter what the result. The mere shock of being involved in an accident can severely impact one's life for days, months and years. When a car accident causes serious injury, pain and suffering or a fatality, the impact on those affected is infinitely more severe. In Norwalk, Connecticut, such an unfortunate fatal accident recently occurred.

Is your hospital a safe place for care?

As previous posts have mentioned, Connecticut legislators have recently proposed some serious reforms. If they carry through, the medical malpractice laws in the state could be amended in ways which would make it easier for an injured party to bring a medical malpractice claim.

Casino bus crash comes after federal safety crackdown

Last month, a post on this blog touched upon an unfortunate tour bus crash involving Connecticut casino visitors that occurred back in March 2011. As a result of that incident, which injured fifteen passengers, authorities cracked down on bus operations in the area to ensure safety standards were at their peak. The efforts seemed fruitless recently when another tour bus accident occurred in a similar fashion on July 4, resulting in the hospitalization of 24 individuals.

Nine teenagers in one SUV involved in Connecticut crash

Connecticut residents are aware that negligent driving, especially driving while intoxicated, has the potential to affect innocent bystanders. A distracted or drunk driver can easily cause a car accident, which results in serious injuries, medical expenses and significant pain and suffering. A recent two-car accident in which alcohol may have played a role, affected an unusually high number of people.