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March 2012 Archives

Connecticut taking drunk driving seriously

Since drunk driving accidents cause serious injuries and substantial medical expenses, Connecticut is taking the dangers of drunk drivers seriously. The state recently passed a law that requires individuals with multiple drunk driving accident convictions to use a vehicle disabling device on any car the convicted individual plans to drive.

Connecticut teen suffers severe spinal cord injury

The Connecticut teen loved sports. He was a star on his traveling basketball team and loved nothing more than shooting hoops in his backyard. Now, the teen will never shoot another hoop because of a spinal cord injury he suffered when a car hit him in Aug. Doctors report the 17-year-old will be confined to a wheelchair for the entirety of his life as he will never be able to walk or use his hands ever again.

Connecticut widow files medical malpractice suit

A recently widowed Connecticut woman is filling a multi-million-dollar medical malpractice suit after her husband, employed by a pharmaceutical company, recently died after doctors failed to diagnose a life threatening condition.