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New Haven Attorneys For Real Estate Litigation

Our firm has a long history of representing parties to disputes affecting real property. Because of the value of Connecticut real estate, such disputes may involve high stakes litigation for both sides. Our experience with real estate litigation involves a wide range of transactions and occurrences in connection with the investigation, financing, acquisition, ownership, operation, leasing, and sale or other divestment of all types of real property: residential, commercial, industrial and conservation, recreational or open-space land. Among other types of cases, we have:

  • Represented the interests of sellers and buyers on real estate contracts that did not close
  • Prosecuted and defended actions to undo closed transactions on grounds of fraud, misrepresentation or mistake
  • Represented the interests of parties to real estate financing disputes
  • Prosecuted and defended foreclosures and other collection proceedings involving debts secured by interests in real property
  • Prosecuted and defended actions for damage to real property
  • Litigated claims for breach of contract for services rendered in connection with real estate
  • Brought actions against real estate professionals, including brokers, architects, engineers and land surveyors
  • Represented landlords and tenants in evictions and lease disputes
  • Handled actions for the dissolution of real estate partnerships and the partition and sale of real property
  • Represented parties with respect to water pollution and ground pollution claims involving real estate
  • Litigated land use, sub-division, environmental compliance and planning and zoning matters
  • Represented land owners in connection eminent domain disputes and determination of just compensation for the taking of private property for public use
  • Represented condominium owners in disputes with condominium associations and condominium associations in disputes with developers and contractors, both under the Common Interest Ownership Act and at common law
  • Counseled clients with respect to the pros and cons of prosecuting or defending litigation in any of the above areas