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Slip and fall accidents at swimming pools

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2021 | Firm News

Swimming pools are a summertime favorite destination for many families. However, wet surfaces and hard concrete can lead to serious injuries from slip and fall accidents.

What do you need to know about slip and fall accidents at Connecticut pools?

Pool owners have a duty to maintain safe conditions

The Connecticut Department of Public Health maintains several requirements for public pools:

  • Construction must be compliant with the requirements in the latest version of the Connecticut Public Swimming Pool Design Guide
  • Decks, restrooms and dressing rooms must be clean and maintained
  • Steps, step holes and ladders must have handrails that are properly secured to the pool or pool deck
  • Deck accessories and equipment must be properly stored and maintained
  • Must have a full American National Red Cross standard 24-unit first aid kit or equivalent
  • Must be an emergency telephone or other communication device on site
  • Must post signs that prohibit running and rough play and direct guests to the location of the emergency phone and first aid kit

What to do if you fall at a public pool

If you fall at a public pool, call for help immediately and seek medical treatment at a local emergency room. If you believe the negligence of the pool owner caused your injury, gather evidence that supports your claim such as photographs of unsafe equipment, missing handrails or tripping hazards.

Slip and fall injuries at public pools can cause serious injuries. If the negligence of the pool owner caused your fall, you may receive compensation for your injuries.


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