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How can drivers help keep motorcyclists safe?

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2019 | motorcycle accidents

Drivers in Connecticut share the roads with many other types of vehicles, including motorcycles. Unfortunately, sometimes a motorcyclist may get the short end of this.

Due to the smaller size of a bike and the lack of protection the vehicle offers its rider, many motorcyclists who get into crashes end up dealing with much heavier injuries than their counterparts in covered vehicles. Not only that, but many times they are not even at fault for these crashes.

Behaviors drivers can change

To help protect motorcyclists, there are actions drivers can take to help increase the safety of motorcycle riders sharing the road with them. This includes adjusting certain driving behaviors that may not be obviously dangerous.

Examples include taking left turns without checking multiple times to ensure no motorcyclists are coming or switching lanes without thoroughly inspecting the blind spots or looking for signs of motorcyclists nearby. Drivers should also go through intersections slowly and carefully when possible, just as a general rule but especially to ensure that no motorcycles are nearby.

In general, it also helps to get in the habit of keeping an eye out for motorcyclists by looking for things on the road at the size and height of a typical motorcycle. Drivers should train their eye to pick up things like reflective gear as well. Keep the volume of music playing in the car low enough to hear a motorcycle coming before it is visible.

Other safety measures to take

Of course, changing habits and behaviors alone is not always enough to help with raising awareness to avoid motorcycle accidents. Motorcyclists themselves can take measures that can increase their safety.

This includes wearing as much protective gear as possible, avoiding riding too close to cars, and wearing neon colors and reflective gear. By being bright and easy to notice, motorcyclists can help drivers remember to look for them and reduce their risk of getting involved in a crash.


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